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Benefits of Stock House Plans Part 1

residential drafting servicesAre you currently in the market to build a new home? Look to Final Draft Inc., for all your residential drafting services and designs.  We offer custom and stock plans to help you achieve your dream home. Stock plans are pre-designed home plans that feature popular consumer requests that homeowners can choose from during the design and development phase. Below we discuss the many benefits of stock house plans.

  • Budget Friendly

Choosing from our pre-designed home plans is a great way to save money on the overall design and development phase. When you select a stock home design, you can instantly receive a home plan that fits your needs and budget. Stock plans save you money because you eliminate the need for paying someone extra to create a customized solution.

  • Time Savings

Many homeowners opt to select stock plans over customized home plans because it helps move the overall home building process along quicker. Once you choose a plan that best fits your needs and budget, you can have peace of mind that our plans have been checked for accuracy and constructability, allowing you to begin construction almost immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about our stock plan options or our residential drafting services, contact us today at (941) 752-7574 to schedule a consultation.